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J.-L. Tulou: 13me Grand Solo

2021 | Chamber Music

Anne Pustlauk, Flûte à clés
(J.-L. Tulou, ca. 1840)

Toby Sermeus, Piano 
(Pleyel, 1854)

Briccialdi Bolero for flute and piano

2018 | Chamber Music | Piano

Briccialdi Bolero for flute and piano
A nice little virtuoso piece by flautist Giulio Briccialdi (1818-1881), written in 1856 on a theme from Verdi’s opera Les Vêpres siciliennes aka Giovanna di Guzman. At that time Briccialdi played the Boehm system flute, but many flutists still played on simple system flutes. Anyway, this piece works perfectly on both systems, a nice challenge, perfect finger gymnastics and a beautiful Bolero.

J.N. Hummel, Sonate Op. 50

2017 | Chamber Music | Piano

Sonate pour le Pianoforte avec accompagnement de Flute ou Violon, Op. 50, Wien ca. 1810.
Anne Pustlauk, 8-keyed flute.
Toby Sermeus, fortepiano.

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